Here are some kinds of people you want to watch out for when taking the Delhi Metro

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Delhi Metro is a regular feature in a Delhiites life. Be it traveling to and fro from office, or for weekend outings, it is that one mode of commute that no matter how crowded it gets, remains our top most choice. But apart from the crowded compartments, there’s a lot more about the metro than what meets the eye.

Here’s taking a look at the travelers we encounter every day:

1. The lost travelers

These are those poor fellows who are new to the city and aren’t really clued up about the metro, apart from the fact that it is a means of transportation. Often found bearing the icy glares of women in the ladies compartment they stepped into, they are left wondering what they did. The reason? None of the women bother telling him how the compartment is booked for ladies and that he should simply move to the next one.

2. The sleepers

These are usually the early morning office goers or those who are returning after a long day at work. Found sleeping within minutes of getting a place to sit, they are the calmest of the lot you come across in the metro.

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3. The gossip girls

Irrespective of the time you’re traveling at, you’ll always find college groups chirping away to glory in the metro. Huddled in a corner or sitting besides each other on one side of the metro, you’ll either find them gossiping with tears or anger in their eyes, or laughing like there is no tomorrow.

4. The spartans

Hard to miss, these are the people you’ll often find screaming and shouting at each other for one reason or the other. Whether it is a small nudge, or the placement of a bag, or for that matter, your own hand, some commuters are always in the mood to kill! And then again, there are stations – and you know exactly how maddening it is to get out or move into a metro during peak hours.

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5. The looters

Ever heard those announcements closely? Well, you should definitely take them a lot more seriously. Even though there are cameras installed throughout the metro stations and compartments, the crowd makes it a lot more easier for the looters to simply stick their hand into your bags and steal something without being caught for it – ever!

Apart from these, you more often than not will come across cranky kids, wailing and screaming, and aunties who’d rather hold you instead of the overhead bar. Yes! We have just about all sorts of people traveling with us every other day.

Till then, irrespective of what’s stated above, hope you enjoy the metro ride!

You might want to keep an eye out for these travelers – they are bound to have you in splits, especially because you already know about them a little!

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