Himalayan Salt Lamps, Do they really do what some people claim?

Image Courtesy: alohabay

Himalayan salt is is mostly mined in the Pakistan side of Kashmir and is commonly used in cooking, but it is also has another application. Large salt crystals are used for making lamps and are believed to have various health benefits.

The mechanism of these lamps are quite simple: large salt crystals which are often colored are illuminated with bulbs or candles to emit an ambient light.  Let’s have a look at the health many people have claimed to have received from these lamps

Neutralizing electromagnetic radiation

Although there isn’t significant evidence to support the long term effects of electromagnetic radiation, it is said to cause ailments such as chronic fatigue, increases stress levels and immunity disorders. The theory is electronic equipment deposit large amounts of sickness causing positive ions into the atmosphere and that the the negative ions emitted by the lamps neutralizes  them.

Cleanses the air

The lamp is said to clear the air through a process of hygroscopy. Salt from the lamp is said to  absorb water vapour in the air, along with the contaminants they are carrying.  The heat from the bulb placed inside the salt crystal, causes the absorbed water to evaporate, while trapping the contaminants such as dust, pollen, smoke, etc.

Reduce Allergy & Asthma Symptoms

The salt lamps are known to filter out  mold, mildew dust, pet dander from the surrounding air and aid people who are suffering from allergies. There are also been reports about Asthma patients who claim to have benefited from the lamps.

Improves breathing

Cilia are tiny hair like structures that are known to protect nasal passages and other parts of the respiratory tract by filtering out dust and other particles. The negative ions released by the Lamp are said make these fine hair like structures more active, thus helping in breathing.

FYI: Smoking destroys cilia

Increase energy levels and improves mood

It’s the same thing, while positive ions drain energy levels from your body, negative ions does the exact opposite.

There have have been studies that have proved that exposure to negative ions can improve a person’s mood. Besides, there are also claims that the lamps serotonin production. Serotonin is a chemical responsible for maintaining mood balance.

Better sleep and increased concentration

Increased exposure positive ions emitted by objects such as your cell phone can result in poor blood and oxygen circulation to the brain, causing disturbed sleep. This is  the negative ions form the lamps come for your rescue once again. Likewise, they also promote concentration.  

The problem with believing that these Lamps actually work

Yes, negative ions do have health benefits, but here’s the thing, there is no scientific evidence to support that these salt crystals actually emit them. However, there has been studies that state that ambient lights emitted by these salt lamps can in fact have a calming effect on the mind.