How scared are we? The aftermath of horror movies

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When you and your buddies watch horror movies like The Exorcist or The Ring doesn’t the scariness linger well after the movie’s over? Bollywood movies like Bhoot and Darna Mana Hai have scared us silly too. Some of us take these movies a little too seriously.

Here are a few horror movie after effects. Do you relate to some of them? Did you say all?

Check under the bed and behind the doors for ‘someone hiding’?

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This fear has been my regular nocturnal companion from when I was a child!)

Wonder who the person sleeping next to you might be?

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The dilemma:  Should I? Should I not?

Get spooked when the neighbourhood dogs bark?

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Uh ho! It’s the ghost from last night’s movie I watched. Help! Psst: To tell you the truth, the street dog is just saying hello to someone it just saw.

Glance at people’s feet, just to make sure they’re not visitors from the nether world?

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You might be shocked to know that some people really do!

Begin to hear unusual sounds!

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Did someone call my name? Is that you? What’s that sound? Creepy day! Shhh….

Being home alone begins to be scary…

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Why me? Why today? Hello, can someone just come over to my place?

Women clad in white are now the scariest thing on the planet. No, definitely not beautiful any more.

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So much for stereotyping the ‘ghostly’ outfit.

Do you sometimes get scared even to see your own friend unexpectedly?

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Gosh! Why didn’t you tell me you’re coming to see me?  I officially hate surprises now!