Because “Sorry, No Offence” Just Isn’t Good Enough – How To Live Unoffended

Image Credits : NatSmall on devianART

As of late, India has been labeled as a country that is “easy to offend”. Oh, does that offend you?

In an American talk show hosted by Chelsea Handler, she asked Priyanka Chopra for some advice before her visit to India, as she did not want to “go to India and do something offensive”. In reply to that question, Priyanka immediately responded with a “Good luck with that”. We all know Priyanka to be a patriotic celebrity. She loves her country and often says so too. If someone like her, who also experiences a huge amount of love from her Indian fans, has to find the country easily offended, there has to be some truth in it. Right?

But it’s only natural to be hurt when someone passes a negative remark about you, you say? Well, that’s true. But there are times when you really don’t need to feel bad about it. Here’s how you can take control of that emotion:

1. Know Yourself

Image credits : tumblr
Image credits : tumblr

Now, this is as simple as pie. If you already know everything about yourself, both the good and the bad, then nothing anyone says to you will surprise you. You already know! So if what they’ve pointed out is true, well hey! You already know that. And if it isn’t, then who even cares? Just let it go. You know yourself better than anyone else.

2. Accept Your Flaws

Image Credits : SELF magazine
Image Credits : SELFmagazine

Sometimes, though we all know our weaknesses, we constantly deny its existence. “That’s not how I always am, that was just this one time”, we like to say. But hey, we aren’t perfect. Of course, you’re not all rainbows and candy, you have your flaws. Accept them (And work on them, of course. Otherwise you’re just accepting that you’re ultimately a piece of trash). So the next time someone labels you, you’re not caught off-guard. You know about it, so it won’t hurt much. I wouldn’t say the stings won’t find its way, but you’ll be fine.

3. Don’t Take Out Your Frustrations On Someone Else

Image credits : Fueldabook
Image credits : Fueldabook

It’s usually when we’re rubbed the wrong way that we tend to lash out at others and say things we don’t mean. But that’s also when we appear “easily offended”. Maybe you just had a small bad moment at the wrong time and the name stuck. Think about it. If someone jumps at you for the slightest remark, you’re going to be careful about what you say around that person, right? But he/she may not really even be the angry kind. It was just the way he/she let out her emotions at the time that gave you that impression. So the next time you’re having a “bad day”, just let it stay with you. Don’t take it out on someone else, it isn’t their fault and they probably don’t even know what you’re going through. Just let it slide.

4. Learn to Laugh at Yourself

Image Credits : twitter (missfroisland)
Image Credits : twitter (missfroisland)

You know, sometimes, laughing at your own silliness is the best feeling ever. It’s probably funnier to you than to the others, and you’ll have a great time too! You can’t feel hurt when you find it funny yourself. Try it out!

So the next time you hear someone criticizing you, all you’ll be thinking is, “Tell me something I don’t know”. Just be you, because you’re sexy and you know it. Even if you’re the only one that knows it.