Hrithik Roshan’s Facebook account was hacked and this is what the actor said

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Last night, just before Hrithik Roshan was about to go live and interact with his fans on Facebook, his account was hacked by a young boy. What’s more interesting is that the young man not only hacked into Hrithik’s account, but also quickly uploaded his own picture as the display pic in Hrithik’s profile.

Nearly three thousand fans were waiting to interact with the superstar, and were greeted by this boy instead. Hrithik’s cyber team was quick to act on it as they immediately deactivated his account, and also deleted the live stream and the DP.

An unperturbed Hrithik gave a simple yet witty statement on this whole incident, when he regained control of his Facebook profile and wrote – ‘An enterprising individual managed to hack my page earlier in the day. However the matter has been taken care of and the page is mine once more’.

This is not the first time Hrithik has faced trouble with the web. Earlier this year, Hrithik had lodged a complain with the Cyber Crime department for emails being leaked in light of his case against Kangana Ranaut. While that incident might be forgotten, Hrithik’s current status proves just how cool he is!

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