In video: 7 of the best Super Bowl commercials of all time

For a cricket-loving nation that is unlikely to know or care about the difference between a field goal and a two-point conversion, the just-concluded NFL Super Bowl XLIX did manage to stir up a fair degree of interest across social media. Almost as hot as the contest for the Lombardi trophy each year, is the battle of the brands in Super Bowl advertising.

The Budweiser puppy has managed to be top dog (pun intended) for two years running, something, as one newspaper snidely pointed out, this year’s losing team the Seattle Seahawks failed to do. From Orwellian references to mini Supervillains and Chlysedales to Cindy Crawford, Super Bowl adverts are hotly awaited each year. Here, in no particular order, are our picks of the best Super Bowl commercials of all time.

1. 2015’s Lost dog commercial

The timeless tale of man’s best friend and a little animal-style good vs. evil proved to be a winner yet again. And when you throw in a fluffy golden Lab and a team of majestic Chlysedales, what’s not to love? With the airtime charge of $4.5 million for 30 seconds, viewers made it worth every penny of the money spent.

2. 2000’s E-trade monkey commercial

E-trade decided to take the mickey, or was it the monkey, out of the sky rocketing rates for a slot during the Super Bowl. Their tongue-in-cheek approach poked fun at themselves and yet managed to get the message across, urging you not to invest wisely. The cost for a 30-second slot that year? You guessed it…$2 million.

3. 2011’s Darth Vader commercial

Impressive Star Wars musical intro: check; the ultimate Super villain costume of all time: check; evil super zapping powers: not so much. For everything else, there’s Dad. Now if only the real Darth Vader had such a supportive family, all those sequels and prequels may have taken quite a different turn.

4. 1999’s Separated at birth commercial

Again, puppies proved to be a winning formula. Throw in a little bit of sibling rivalry and a surprise twist for the underdog and you get one of the most memorable commercials in Super Bowl history.

5. 1992 Cindy Crawford Pepsi commercial

In 1992, Pepsi introduced its new can design, and what better way to do it that with the hottest supermodel of the time, Cindy Crawford. Her young co-stars naturally seemed more impressed with the shape of the can. 22 years later, we are sure that is what you’re also impressed by….yeah right!

6. 1993: McDonald’s, “Jordan, Bird shoot hoops

Take two of the greatest basketball players of all time, throw in a Big Mac, and watch as hunger sets the stage for some of the most fun and memorable 90 seconds of game play in advertising history.

7. 1984: Apple Macintosh launch

Without doubt the most discussed Super Bowl commercial ever. Directed by Ridley Scott, it cost a whopping $500,000 dollars to make at the time and an additional $400,000 to air. The references to George Orwell’s 1984 in a ‘Big Blue’ world were as subtle as the sledgehammer featured in the ad. And Apple arrived on the scene with a bang.