In video: Indian youth tweet-bomb Justin Bieber to build home for orphans

The children in the video below are not your everyday children’s choir. They are among the 50 orphans, sheltered in a home run by Bangalore-based NGO, Reaching Hand, singing, hula hooping and beatboxing to pop star Justin Bieber’s hit ‘As long as you love me.’

Despite the fact that the video, first published in September last year, is so easy on the ear, it failed miserably to get the desired audience.

Nevertheless, the creative minds behind the project, Jacob Cherian and Emily Parkes, were undaunted. They relentlessly tweeted the video to Bieber, whom the kids idolize, hoping they could get him to watch it at least once.

In a bolt from the blue, the NGO was asked to vacate the building where they run the orphanage, making the need to be noticed even more imperative.

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It was then that Emily came up with the tweet bombing idea. With the help of young volunteers such as Gautam John, Nivedith Gajapathy, Anand Sankar, Karan Sood, Marianne Manuel, Divya Ch and Charles Dickenson, Jacob and Emily spearheaded a novel campaign to build a new home for the kids.

Since February 3 midnight, hundreds of volunteers across the country are tweeting Bieber with the hashtag #homefor500 just to get a response from the pop star.

While they wait patiently for JB’s response, Jacob took time to speak to us. When asked if he thinks Bieber would respond, he said: “The optimist in me believes that he will respond. But the realist in me knows that there is so much clutter online and the 3,000 odd tweets we sent may not be enough for him to notice us.”

We hope ‘the Beib’ doesn’t remain oblivious to these youngsters’ efforts and plight.