In video: Meet Lakshmi Menon, YouTube’s first Malayalee vlogger

Image courtesy: Lakshmi Menon

If you are a Malayalee who likes movies, satire and non-stop chatter, Lakshmi Menon is your girl. The first Malayalee vlogger on YouTube, Lakshmi has racked up more than one million views , so you don’t have to imagine too hard how good an entertainer she must be.

From everyday white lies to hot topics on social media and film reviews, Lakshmi has a funny take on everything under the sun. Adding a comedic spin to her reactions, this Dubai-based Malayalee makes her vlogs entertaining and informative at the same time.

Lakshmi says the whole thing dawned on her when she saw Jake Sully’s video logs in Avatar. “ I looked around for someone who is doing it in Malayalam, but could not find anyone… That’s how I began filming videos on my channel in 2013, with no clue as to what I was getting myself into,” she says.

Lakshmi humbly confesses that she was not aware of the nuances of video editing when she started her channel. However, her recent videos bear eloquent testimony to her evolution in the editing domain.

Lakshmi Menon with her husband Mithun Ramesh and daughter Tanvi.
Lakshmi Menon with her husband Mithun Ramesh and daughter Tanvi. Image courtesy:

Apart from the 10,000 odd subscribers to her channel, Lakshmi enjoys full the support of her actor husband, Mithun Ramesh, and the rest of her family , including her little daughter Tanvi. “My family is very much supportive and they respect my opinions,” she says.