India 0, Stuart Binny 1: Fans react to flop show against England

Source: Live Images
Saket Parekar

You don’t kick someone when they’re already down. But the manner in which Team India has gone down in the two successive defeats in the ongoing ODI tri-series is nothing short of infuriating.

In the first game, we could at least take satisfaction in the fact that Rohit Sharma scored a fighting century. But against England, the Men in Blue failed in all three departments. Careless with the bat, sloppy in the field and toothless with the ball, India seemed devoid of a proper game plan.

We’re not the only ones incensed by their tame losses. Several Indian cricket fans voiced their concern on social media following their team’s flop show against England. However, most of them preferred a slightly more humourous tone. Scroll down to see for yourself.

1. At least it made some people happy.

2. In other words…

3. There’s a positive side to every story.

4. At least together, they scored more than AB

5. The only way out for Dhawan

6. Watching India bat was a terrible sight.

7. India’s biggest threat—to India

8. From roaring lions to frightened kitties!

9. You don’t have to be a batsman to be a better opener than Dhawan.

10. Even Simba seems to be frustrated.

11. And of course, the royal family was pleased.

12. He most certainly is ‘Dha One’

13. More than justified. It made us root for Binny.

14. Only one team is capable of making England look good.

15. The new outfit clearly isn’t a magic cloak.