Indian plane bombed my school and I hate India since says David Headley

Pakistani-American terrorist-turned-approver David Headley said on Friday that he hated India since he was a child because Indian planes bombed his school in December 1971.

“Since childhood I hate India and Indians and wanted to cause maximum loss and damage to India,” said Headley according to NDTV.

“My school was bombed on December 7, 1971. My school was destroyed and the people who worked there died,” Headley claimed.

Though Headley hadn’t mentioned it, he was referring to the war between India and Pakistan in 1971 when the 55-year-old would have been 11.

David Headley also said on Friday that a few weeks after his father’s demise in December 2008 the then Pakistani prime minister Yousaf Raza Gilani visited his house.

Headley, who is conversing with the court from an undisclosed location in the USA, added that his father had retired as the director general of Radio Pakistan and objected to his association with LeT, the Pakistan-based terrorist outfit.

According to NDTV, when the judge advised Headley not to lose his patience with the repetitive questions from a defence lawyer, the terrorist said in English, “I am not losing my patience,” and then switched to Hindi, saying, “Main bohot kharab insaan hoon (I am a very bad person). Maine maan liya hai (I have admitted it). I have pleaded guilty. Phir maan leta hoon (Let me admit it again). But I thought I was a government witness.”

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