Indians thanking the wrong Chris Martin for the Coldplay concert

Image Courtesy: The Indian Express

It was one hell a show that Coldplay put up over the the weekend at the global citizen festival 2016 in Mumbai. Over one lakh people attended the concert and naturally fans were stoked and they wanted to thank lead singer Chris Martin for performing in India for the first time.

People took to twitter for thanking Chris Martin, but as funny as it is, it was not the right one. They were actually tweeting a British stand-up comedian who had the same name.The lead singer is not even on twitter.

The comedian has had a sudden spike in followers from India, surpassing even the thousand mark. He tried to clarify several times that he was not the guy, but that has not stopped him from getting more followers from India   


Since setting the record straight has not stopped the followers from coming in, the comedian thought he might as well as take advantage of it.

Well, some of them did realize that they have followed the wrong Chris and joined in on the fun