Inner wear brand promotes lingerie for ‘ladies who pamper their dads’, gets trolled!

Image courtesy: Zahra-Malik

Triumph international, an underwear and lingerie brand, recently had a print ad promoting ladies’ brassiere, and the tagline for the ad read ‘for the ladies..who pamper their dads’!

Not stopping here, they also had a 15% discount on the eve of Father’s Day! Can it get any more atrocious?

Image courtesy: Zahra-Malik
Image courtesy: Zahra-Malik

Not surprisingly, several popular faces in Bollywood trolled the brand and the Twitterati turned its full wrath upon the company.

See a  few samples here:

The brand took to social media and apologized for the grave error that attracted comments such as ‘perverted’, ‘disgusting’ and ‘shameful’.  A representative promised to ensure ‘such lapses’ didn’t occur in the future.

Looks like the brand took Freud too seriously!!!

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