#IPLVerdict: Srinivasan can’t have his BCCI and IPL, too

Dethroned for good? Image source: IANS

So, the verdict in the IPL spot fixing saga is out and the Supreme Court has ruled that N. Srinivasan cannot contest the BCCI elections until he gives up the commercial interest in his IPL team, Chennai Super Kings.

While the court cleared him of the charges of a ‘cover-up’ during the IPL probe, it said that there was a clear conflict of interest, and Srinivasan must now choose between his IPL team and the top post in the BCCI.

The verdict also found Gurunath Meiyappan and Raj Kundra guilty of betting during the IPL, charges which Srinivasan himself escaped.

With the eyes of the entire nation fixed on the landmark case, cricket enthusiasts took to Twitter soon after the verdict was out. Here are our picks of the quirkiest of the lot.

1. He’s not covering anything up.

2. One man’s misery, other’s delight.

3. Technically, technically he didn’t lie.

4. Even Amit Shah can’t save Srini now!

5. Something they were going to say, but ended up changing their mind.

6. Numbers can be misleading.

7. Always good to have more than one option.

8. Gurunath, who?

9. The man who loves the limelight

10. But the question is, will the king of news accept the verdict?