Is Kangana Ranaut an evil, cocaine-snorting, abusive black-magician?

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The ugly legal battle between Bollywood stars Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan continues to rock the public with nasty revelations through secret emails and doctored images. The spat started about three months ago after Kangana revealed in an interview that she had indeed dated Hrithik Roshan.

Now, Kangana’s ex-boyfriend Adhyayan Suman, has come out of hiding with shocking allegations. Here is what the actor said to the media:

1. Kangana’s abusive nature: Adhyayan revealed that Kangana often hurled abuses at him. For instance, when the film-maker Mahesh Bhatt called to congratulate him after the release of Raaz 2, an angry Kangana said “Behen**** mujhe kyun koi phone nahi kar rahe yaar?” The verbal abuses soon turned physical when at Hrithik Roshan’s birthday bash the actress allegedly slapped Adhyayan and said, “Behen****, bh*sd*ke, you are fu**ing jealous of my work.”

2. Kangana’s love for cocaine: Adhyayan admitted to smoking hash with the actress sometimes. But in 2008, during Kangana’s birthday celebrations, she allegedly insisted on snorting cocaine and threw a fit when he refused to partake.

3. Kangana’s association with black magic: Adhyayan also alleges that she is well-versed with tantric science and even used black magic to destroy his career. He recalled that she urgently called him home one evening for a ritual. She then locked him in a room covered completely in black and began chanting mantras.

4. Kangana hates Shekhar Suman: According to Adhyayan, Kangana openly abused his father Shekhar Suman each time they fought and it ultimately led to their break up. When Shekhar gifted Adhyayan a BMW car, Kangana allegedly said, “Accha? He gifted you a one crore car? Aisa toh kya ukhada hai tumne life mein?”

5. Kangana’s obsession with Hrithik: Adhyayan revealed that Kangana had started “eyeing” Hrithik from when they began working on the film Kites. He spoke about how she was obsessed with the actor and sent him 50 messages a day when he had hurt his arm during the shoot.

We are not sure what to believe. Has Adhyayan, in fact, opened pandora’s box?

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