Is the iPhone 7 showing the same symptoms as the Galaxy Note 7?

Image Courtesy: deccanchronicle

Apple has commenced investigations on an Australian man who claimed that his iPhone 7 burst into flames and decimated his car.

Surfer Matt Jones had expressed that while he had gone off to surf, he had left his iPhone 7, purchased a week ago, wrapped in a couple of trousers in his car by the beach. As he returned, he spotted smoke coming out of the car.

Footage taken from another phone showed the front seats, dashboard and stick charred and burnt. In the end the man removed what was left of his clothes. Jones said that he had not dropped the device or physically damage it, like the time when a Sydney man who tumbled off his bicycle and suffered burns from the iPhone. Likewise, he explained that he was not using a non-Apple charger either.

Lithium-particle batteries can burst as a result of physical harm or overheating. Apple’s biggest opponent, Samsung, has initiated a universal recall of their 2.5m Galaxy Note 7 smartphones after more than 100 devices has reportedly burst into flames. The United States government has banned Note 7 devices from air travel, and a few carriers have introduced fire-regulation bags as precautionary measures for overheating cell phones.

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