iWavestation app is all you need to make some electronic music

Image Courtesy: Bonedo

In the generation of today portability is everything and driving this new trend software applications that are making our lives so much more simpler.

Korg released the wavestation back in 1990 and it was one expensive piece of music making hardware that cost close to $2000. But it was a classic instrument used by many electronic musicians and to this day, is called one of the most creatively designed synths.

For those who which to make their foray in electronic music, this incredible piece of hardware may not be the most affordable thing, but, Korg has managed to pack all it’s features into app called iWavestation. The app costs only $19.99, but yea it’s only for iOS users. Poor Android still has a lot of catching up to do, when it comes to music making applications.

The app preserves original editing structure, while offering a highly intuitive user interface that adds more features.

The app offers 1,500 sounds, 700 waveforms, and 55 effects and a random sequence engine feature that allows you to immediately create different wave sequences.

It’s amazing how musicians can now just use a iPad to make professional level music .