Jet Airways serves a Mumbai man with a cockroach in his meal

Image courtesy: NDTV

Business class flyer Birju Salla, a loyal customer of Jet Airways, boarded the airline’s flight 9W 7129 from Mumbai to Rajkot on the morning of July 7th. As usual, he was served with complimentary free breakfast that included a paratha, croissant, fruits and chana masala. Everything looked tasty until Salla discovered that chana had a special ingredient – a cooked cockroach.

Salla, who is a vegetarian claimed  that he immediately  fell sick. The flight crew apparently only apologised and offered to replace his meal rather than offer him medical attention. He was on a business trip, but was unable to get any work done as had a  severe stomach ache

“I have never seen such an act of gross negligence from an airline crew. All they could offer was a replacement meal. Pathetic!” said Salla.

“I had to eventually consult my Mumbai doctor over the phone and he prescribed medicines. My plans for the day went for a toss because of their negligence,” he added.

Salla also sent a complaint to the airline authorities via email. “I am a regular premier JP Platinum flyer. You just can’t imagine the state of my mind. I have been harassed by your so-called esteemed airline,” the complaint read.

“Sometimes there are safety issues like your own crew forgets to lock the cart in gallery. I always try to ignore and assume we are humans and mistakes do happen but not this time,” he added.

Jet Airways in a statement said “We have noted the concerned guest’s experience with regard to meal service on board our flight. An apology was immediately tendered to the guest and an alternate meal was offered. The guest did not complain of uneasiness to the cabin crew. We have taken up the issue with the caterer for immediate investigation. At Jet Airways we have a stringent policy for meal preparation and segregation and we conduct regular audits. While this incident is extremely rare, Jet Airways sincerely regrets the inconvenience caused to the guest,”

Source: NDTV

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