Jon Bon Jovi puts on a fake disguise and sings with unsuspecting Karaoke singers

Image Courtesy: Rockin' News

Jon Bon Jovi  has been around for decades now, but still manages to be as big star constantly gaining new fans as the years pass by. With more than 130 million albums sold worldwide, he has become one of the world’s best-selling music artists.

Now watch this New Jersey rocker in a disguise crashing karaoke parties and singing along with people who are singing his songs. These people had no idea that they were dueting with a rock icon, until he removed his disguise.

The moment they realize that they have been singing with a superstar all this while, they get starstruck and it’s hilarious.  

You can  have also sing along with the rocker  join the Jon Bon Jovi Soul foundation and enter to be a bandmate for a day.

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