Just 3 ingredients: Diwali sweets for the lazy cook

Left the Diwali sweet-making to the last minute? Not to worry. Here are three recipes that need fewer than 3 ingredients. You don’t need to round up a long list of ingredients and they are super easy, too.

Coconut Laddoo

It’s condensed milk to the rescue here.


2 cups coconut + extra for rolling the laddoos

½ cup condensed milk


You can use fresh or dessicated coconut for this. If using fresh, warm the coconut on a low flame until the moisture disappears.

Put the coconut and the condensed milk into a non-stick pan and stir over a low flame until the mixture comes together and thickens a little.

When slightly cool, form into small balls. Grease your hands to do this.

Roll the balls in the remaining coconut and leave to set a bit before serving.

Image courtesy: lekhafoods.com
Image courtesy: lekhafoods.com

Date and Sesame Laddoos

Easy, delicious and nutritious, too


2 cups white sesame seeds

1 and 1/2 cup dates, chopped

1 cup dessicated coconut


Toast the sesame seeds in a dry pan until they begin to pop.

Allow to cool and powder coarsely in the mixi.

Put the sesame seed powder, chopped dates and coconut into a large bowl and mix well.

Shape into small balls and serve.

Image courtesy: dailymotion.com
Image courtesy: dailymotion.com

Coconut Barfi

Just two ingredients and utterly delicious


3 cups freshly grated coconut

1 cup sugar


Put the sugar into a heavy bottom pan. Add a splash of water and let the sugar melt.

Cook on a low flame till you have a thick syrup. Add the coconut and keep stirring till the mixture forms a mass.

Empty it onto a greased plate, allow to cool a little and cut into square or diamond shapes.

Image courtesy: webparx.com
Image courtesy: webparx.com

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