Leonardo DiCaprio to bring Captain Planet back with a movie

Image Courtesy: Screen Rant

Captain Planet is perhaps one of the most popular cartoon shows among the 90’s kids. The program which lasted for 6 seasons always advocated messages about environmentalism, subtly influencing kids regarding the same. If you remember well, every episode was followed by at least one “Planeteer Alert” where environmental-political and other social-political issues are discussed and how viewers can contribute towards the change.

Now, here is the good news the series might be making a comeback. Actor and environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio is teaming up with Paramount to bring Captain Planet onto the big screen.

DiCaprio’s production company, Appian Way in talks with Paramount to acquire the rights to the hit TV series from the 90s. Reportedly the plot the movie will takes place years after the events of in the cartoon series, where captain planet has not been able to stop the pollution and takes the help of planeteers in his environmentalist mission.

The project and it’s environmental theme is a perfect with DiCaprio, a well known environmentalist, who has always spoken on different environment issues.

After trying to create awareness among people with the “11th Hour”, a hard hitting documentary film in 2007, it’s only logical that he tries to influence kids with the world’s favorite environmental superhero.    

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