Lifestyle changes that parents must consider before their second child

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Couples wanting a second child often tend to approach the pregnancy process with a little more ease, carrying forth the experience they gained from their first one. However, they don’t anticipate the potential fertility issues that may arise.

Stacking up on nutrition needs even before pregnancy

Eating right should begin even before the pregnancy—this applies to both the father and the mother. A good repository of nutrition will provide the necessary fuel for high levels of energy that is required create a hospitable environment for a healthy baby.

Pre-pregnancy diet should include nutrient-rich foods such as avocados, beets, nuts and seeds which are necessary for tissue repair, brain development and to reduce stress. Tonic teas such as nettle, red raspberry leaf and oat straw work perfectly in building micro mineral stores and also aid in developing healthy reproductive tissues.

Male partners have an equal role to play

Proper nutrition has a big impact on a sperm’s ability to be fertile. In-fact, the issue of sperms unable to swim in the right direction can also be solved with proper food habits. Intake of foods that are high in zinc and selenium, such as nuts and seeds, is essential. Also, fruits, vegetables and vitamin C supplements can help sperms on their way to the fertilization site.

There are other external factors such as chemical exposure, underwear and pant choices and history of smoking that can impact fertility even when nutrition levels are maintained.

Resetting the clock

Quite a few factors including previous pregnancy, breastfeeding and disturbances in eating patterns can cause irregularities in a woman’s menstrual cycle. A combination of timely herbal supplements, abdominal massages and stress management techniques is a great way to normalize the cycle and bring a sense of balance before the pregnancy.

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