Milind Soman’s 76-year old mother just joined him in the ‘Dream Run’

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We recently told you about ‘Ironman’ Milind Soman’s multicity marathon, where he is running barefoot from Ahmedabad to Mumbai. If his ‘Dream Run’ didn’t give you enough motivation to get out of your bed and join him, the latest news about this marathon certainly will!

Milind’s 76-year old mum Usha joined him in the run near Thane. She jogged along with him wearing a saree, also barefoot. In a video posted by Milind’s The Great India Run, the duo jogged barefoot on rain-drenched roads, and she was doing this effortlessly.

Watch the video here.

If he is the Ironman of India, Ushaji can easily be called the new Iron Lady!

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