Every single WWE fan will love these 10 awesome superstar entrances of all time

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From the choke slams to the sharp shooters, there are a lot of famous maneuvers that make a WWE superstar great. However, apart from this, a memorable ring entrance is really what adds to a WWE star’s overall appeal.

We bring you the 10 greatest entrances of all time.

1. The Undertaker – Wrestling history’s grandest entrance ever – the bells, the music, the fire and the darkness of the Dead Man Walking will send a shiver down your spine.

2. Stone Cold Steve Austin – Nothing more can really rattle a WWE arena like the sound of the Rattlesnake’s glass breaking!

3. The Rock  – Who can beat one of the greatest wrestling catchphrases of all times – ‘If you smell what The Rock is cooking’?

4. Hulk Hogan – Blessed with two great songs, Hogan’s ‘Eye of the Tiger’ entrance and the iconic ‘Real American’ theme was an instant hit with all WWE fans.

5. DX: Are you read? Now, ain’t those words enough!

6. Triple HHH – Who can beat the power of The Game!

7. Chris Jericho – That clock ticking countdown and the scream of ‘Break the Walls Down’ made Jericho’s entrance one of the most captivating in WWE history.

8. Shawn Michaels – All the flash, the jazz and of course the catchy theme in The Heartbreak Kid’s entrance left all the ladies in the house gasping for breath!

9. Brock Lesner – Not just his body, but his entrance too was a muscle-packed spectacle. 

10. John Cena – A hot favourite among current generation of WWE fans, his entrance leaves an entire arena in a frenzy. 

The WWE universe has more such grand entrances. The list really is endless!


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