Move over Sydney, you are no longer the friendliest city in the world

Image Courtesy: huffingtonpost

The survey was carried out by Conde Nast Traveler and it was found that Charleston, a city in South Carolina was the friendliest city. Sydney, Australia which previously held the top spot slipped into the second place and Ireland’s Dublin came in third. Queenstown of  New Zealand, Park city, Utah rounded completed the list of top five friendliest cities in the world.

“More and more people are going to Charleston,” Conde Nast deputy digital editor Laura Redman told CNN.

“Europeans are heading to Charleston because they’ve heard about the food and the architecture. It’s getting great press, and it’s having a moment.”

According to the editor, Charleston’s appearance and locals stood out amongst the tourists. Friendly and cordial Hotel or resort staff were also one of the features that made Charleston the friendliest city.

The cities were rated based on how easy it was to navigate through them and how they made the visitors feel more like a local.

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