New wave feminism is aggressive and destructive, says star wife Mira Rajput

Image Credits : Instagram

In an intimate gathering that took place in Mumbai to mark Women’s Day, Mira Rajput proudly labelled herself as a house wife. According to her, one does not have to compromise on traditions and ideals to be modern. Shahid’s better half also commented on the modern day feminism.

“I could have been out and about, but chose to spend time with Misha. It is my choice to be at home. A working mother makes her own choices too; neither a homemaker or working mom can be shamed. Feminism is not man versus woman. The new wave of feminism is aggressive and destructive. There is a term called ‘FemeNazi’, which is now becoming the female equivalent of male chauvinist,” Mira said.

Mira also explained how conscious she was about her body post-pregnancy and how she has now come to terms with the situation. “I think it’s great to be fit, but better to be a healthy mother. I faced a lot of pressure when people photographed me. I used to be skinny, but after Misha, I would try on clothes, wondering if my tummy will show. It’s okay to take time to lose weight” Mira added.