Newly released Malayalam film ‘Leela’ already available online thanks to piracy

Image Courtesy: Folomojo

Newly released Malayalam film called Leela is now available on the internet, thanks to the piracy mafias. The source of piracy was traced back to Bangalore. To add to it, the Karnataka authorities allegedly remain indifferent to the matter.

According to the Kerala Film Producers Association, pirated versions of 10 films including Leela, Charlie, Action Hero Biju were released through various sources in Bangalore.

They also added that Kerala’s anti-piracy cell usually help them track down the miscreants in the state but they are helpless when it comes to other states.

The association even claimed that two or three cinemas in Bangalore are under the scanner for supporting piracy.

It would be a mistake not to release Malayalam films in the city as it does have a substantial number of Malayalis. Reportedly, the shopkeepers in Kerala themselves admitted that they received pirated CDs from Bangalore.

Sources believe that these mafias usually wait for the first-week rush to subside after a new release and then record the films in the cinemas using good-quality mobile phones and digital cameras. They then sell these copies on the streets of Bangalore which eventually find their way to Kerala.

Many Malayalam celebrities including Aasiq Abu and Vineet Srinivasan urged people to stop buying pirated copies.

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