Pakistani media: Pathankot attack staged to malign Pakistan

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A Pakistani media report claims that the Pakistani Joint Investigation Team (JIT) that visited Pathankot last month to inquire into the terror attack at the military base has termed the incident staged and accused India of using it to spread “vicious propaganda” against Pakistan without any solid evidence.

A member of the JIT told Pakistan Today that the attack was a “vicious propaganda” against Pakistan as the Indian authorities did not have any concrete evidence to show their Pakistani counterparts. The report also said that the JIT would submit its final report to the Pakistani prime minister Nawaz Sharif in the coming days.

The report quoted an anonymous JIT official who opined the murder of NIA officer Tanzil Ahmed as means to cover up the matter.

“The brutal murder of a Muslim investigator is evidence that the Indian establishment wants to keep the matter under wraps,” said the JIT official according to the report.

The Pakistani newspaper in the report claimed that according to the JIT, neither the Indian government nor the NIA cooperated with the Pakistani officials and instead made efforts to hinder the probe. The officials also claimed that the Pathankot encounter ended in few hours as opposed to four days, and that the whole operation was staged by India to defame Pakistan.

“The report also raises serious questions over the veracity of Indian claims regarding the Pathankot attack. The JIT has concluded that contrary to the claims of the Indian government about the duration of the encounter, the standoff between the Indian army and alleged terrorists ended within hours of the attack… This finding has made it clear that the attack was a drama staged to malign Pakistan and persuade the world community that Pakistan is involved in terrorism,” Pakistan Today quoted the JIT source.

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