Poll survey favors VS in Kerala: Would CPM project him as CM candidate?

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The raised, folded fist of veteran CPM leader V S Achuthanandan is still unshaken by the adversities of old age and further, he remains to be the most-favourite people’s representative in Kerala.

According to a poll survey by Asianet news in the backdrop of the upcoming state assembly elections, a staggering 73 percent who participated in the polls assented the nonagenarian-leader’s candidature in the election.

Meanwhile, 16 percent of people who participated in the polls opposed his candidature and 11 percent declined to make suggestions.

However, the perceived acceptance of VS among the people of Kerala would be decisive for LDF, which is likely to come to power after the elections. As he continues to outshine other leaders in the gang, especially Pinarayi Vijayan, it would raise questions regarding the possible chief ministerial candidate of LDF.

Again, VS’s acceptance would also imply a possible repetition of ‘VS factor’ which in 2011 assembly elections contributed to eat into the vote shares of UDF. Though Congress-led UDF came to power in 2011 with a margin of four seats, the VS factor was considered to be a major reason that reduced opposing UDF’s outreach as compared to 2009 Lok Sabha elections. In the 2009 Lok Sabha election, UDF managed to secure 16 seats of the total 20 seats.

Speaking about that, it should also be recalled that VS had to fight tooth and nail to contest in 2011 assembly elections until CPM Polit Bureau instructed the state CPM leadership to allow him to contest. Presently, his camaraderie with CPM general secretary Sitaram Yechury may also come handy for him.

However, the pertinent question here is whether VS would decide to take advantage of his acceptance, thereby invoking a fresh version of stand-off between him and  Vijayan, who could be the other possible chief ministerial candidate of LDF.

VS’s championing of social causes as early as Punnapra Vayalar Punnapra uprising to his recent bid to declare solidarity with students’ agitation in Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi has made him the comrade of middle class.

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