Qizai is the only living brown panda in the world

Image Courtesy: Dailymail

Meet Qizai, world’s only brown panda, who is winning the world with his adorableness.

This 7 year old bear who was abandoned as a cub by his mother. He was rescued by researchers in a nature reserve in Qinling Mountains in central China and now lives happily in the Foping Panda Valley in Shaanxi province.

Qizai which means the seventh son, has been taken care by 26-year-old Foping native He Xin for the last two years. The panda lived at the Shaanxi Rare Wildlife Rescue, before that.

Xin says that Qizai is not as quick as the other black and white pandas.

‘All pandas here have names. When I call out their names, the other black-and-white pandas would react and come to me quickly, but for Qizai, it usually takes sometime to him to realise that,’ he said in an interview with Dailymail.He went on to say that Qizai also eats more slowly than the other pandas.

Qizai was bullied by other pandas, who would eat his bamboo. However, now as an adult he has been  raised in a separate enclosure.

The world famous bear now weighs more than 100 kilograms and eats about 20 kilograms of bamboo every day. Since 1985, 4 other brown pandas have been spotted, but none of them have lived as long and healthy as Qizai.

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