Ranveer Singh Refuses To Fit Into ‘Expectations Or Molds Of Looking And Dressing’

Image Credits : Instagram

Ranveer Singh’s bold and eccentric looks have always led to controversies and trolls on social media. The actor who is not afraid of the fashion police recently made a buzz in the media when he wore a ‘condom looking’ outfit to Shahid Kapoor’s pre-birthday bash.

“I just decided to wear and do what I want and make the choices of clothes that I want to wear that make me happy…free and liberated from critiques and judgments. When I finally started dressing for myself is when I started being perceived as one who stands out,” Ranveer said.

“It feels wonderful… it’s not by intent or by design… it just happened that a couple of years into show business, I decided I’m not going to try and make an attempt…a futile attempt to sort of fit into some kind of expectations or molds of looking or dressing,” he added.

Talking about the popular Ram Leela mustache, the 31 year old actor said, “I never imagined my style will be so widely imitated, but it’s a good place to be. I am very happy about it”. The Bajirao Mastani actor is now looking forward to the production of his upcoming film Padmavati.