Remembering the King of Pop: 10 signature Michael Jackson dance moves that always dazzled you

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Michael Jackson will forever be remembered as one of the greatest entertainers of all time. His sensational dance moves, iconic vocal style and innumerable hit singles won him a billion hearts world over. His artistry as both a singer and a dancer prevails in the memory of his followers across the globe.

On his 57th birth anniversary, we relive the magic of Michael Jackson with these 10 signature dance moves that mesmerized each one of us.

1. Crotch grab

Despite garnering mixed reception, this famous dance move went on to become Jackson’s trademark. And of course, how can one forget the awesome pelvic thrust that followed. Ow!!!

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2. Anti-gravity lean

Michael Jackson’s iconic anti-gravity lean was possible thanks to a pair of specially designed shoes. Well… who cares, really? It was still an awesome MJ invention.

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3. Circle slide

Very few dancers in the world can effortlessly imitate MJ’s circle slide. Irrespective, no one can come even close to the original!

4. Side slide

Also known as side glide or side slide, this move became a heart-winning moment each time Jackson performed live.

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5. The MJ spin

Considered as one of his best dance moves, fans would actually try counting the number of revolutions he made in one spin. Beat that!

6. The kick

MJ magically incorporated this move in all his dance routines. And you always thought only soccer players could kick!

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7. Toe stand

Unbelievable is the word. And one cannot ignore the fact that MJ’s cropped pants and sparkling socks added to the awesomeness of this move.–/YXBwaWQ9eW5ld3M7Zmk9aW5zZXQ7aD0zMzU7cT04NTtzbT0xO3c9NTIy/http:/

8. The robot

When Jackson did the robot dance move, people just watched intently because no one did it with the flair that he did.

9. The ‘Dangerous’ moves

Wondering what we’re talking about. This video will speak for itself.

10. Last, but not the least… MOONWALK

Several hearts skipped a million beats each time Jackson would glide backwards and do the iconic Moonwalk. No matter who tries this move, no one will ever be able to Moonwalk the way MJ did. Period.

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