Samantha is now an ambassador for handlooms

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The South Indian actress is known for sizzling on screen in her hot outfits and glamorous looks. Now, she’s turning traditional and promoting handlooms.

Recently, Telengana appointed Samantha Ruth Prabhu, popular heroine in Tollywood, as ambassador for handlooms. And she’s taking the new role very seriously, we hear. Samantha has been seeing making a fashion statement with her handloom wardrobe.

With her pretty looks and enviable figure, Samantha has always made news with her sense of style at public appearances. Whether it’s a long gown or a designer saree, she has the panache to carry it off with poise. Now, though, her style seems to be leaning towards handlooms.

During an interview to the media, Samantha has said, “I became aware that as an actress, whenever I attend public functions, I am termed fashionable —eventually leading to many women trying out my style. I realised what I wear gets attention. Well, it was after a while, that it dawned upon me that if there’s so much of a reach, I could use it to do some good.”

She’s gone on to say that she’s always loved handlooms and being made ambassador has made her more committed to the cause of preserving and promoting the handloom traditions of Telengana. “The aim is to make handlooms cool. We want to bridge the gap between dated, old designs and modernity by collaborating with young designers.

I am trying to bring in the idea that the purpose of wearing handlooms isn’t just to help the weavers. People should enjoy wearing the fabric. I want to advocate the idea that you don’t have to look drab and boring but can also look fashionable in it,” she said in the interview.

She is also concerned about the plight of artisan weavers and has said, “Can you believe that most of the weavers today are the last-generation artisans in their families? Their fear that the craft may end with them did make me think a lot.” And she’s decided to do something about it, while being her usual gorgeous self.