Scientists have developed a condom that feels like human skin

Image Courtesy: taringa

A lot of men seem to complain about how using rubbers ruin the fun of it. Although, this is no excuse to stop wearing one, there will soon be no need for compromise at all. A group of researchers are developing an alternative to standard latex condoms that will actually feel good.

A team of Australian researchers are developing a hydrogel based condom called the GELdom that is said to feel like human skin. The project is being funded by Bill Gates, a big firm believer in safe sex.  

“It feels like real human tissue, like when you’re touching someone but they’re covered in a lubricant,” said Joseph Ciorciari, one of the developers and a cognitive neuroscientist at Swinburne University to Sydney Morning.

The team conducted an experiment, where subjects were made to touch different materials, including latex, lubricated latex , along with Hydrogel. As the participant felt the materials, there brain activity was measured.

There were distinct responses to each of these substances, but Hydrogel stood out from the rest, triggering a neurological spike in people’s brains, when they touched it. This basically meant people wanted to touch it more.  

The team is also looking into other reasons why people might refrain from practicing safe sex. Despite many ad campaigns to promote usage of condoms in India, lot of couples still don’t opt for it,  with one of the main reasons being lack of sexual satisfaction and comfort. Perhaps Hydrogel condoms can solve this problem.

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