Seventy-year-old woman in Punjab gives birth to a boy

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A seventy-year-old woman from Punjab gave birth to her first child after almost 46 years after her marriage!

The couple from Amritsar, Daljinder Kaur and Mohinder Singh Gill, have been married for almost 50 years but they weren’t blessed with a child.

“Due to a family feud we never focused on our dream to become parents,” Gill was quoted by Barcroft TV.

Gill gave birth to a son named Arman in April. The child was conceived through in-vitro fertilization techinique.

“I used to feel empty. There was so much loneliness,” Agence France-Presse quoted Kaur. “I feel blessed to be able to hold my own baby. I had lost hope of becoming a mother ever,” she added.

Daljinder Kaur could be one of the oldest women in the world to give birth to a child. But the record cannot be ascertained as she does not have a birth certificate.

According to Anurag Bishnoi, the physician who oversaw her pregnancy, told The Guardian that Kaur is possibly 72.

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