Shocking reign of thieves in the streets of Rio [Video]

The video claims to show the shocking reign of pickpockets in the streets of Rio De Jeneiro. Yes it shocking. It also portrays the broke state of the socio-economic affairs in Brazil.

Video shows how small boys rob people especially those who look like tourists. While some of them turn lucky in pocketing a good fortune and some get punched in face by victims.

This sorry state seems to exist while all the world and media are talking about the pomp and gaiety of Rio Olympics. The video started doing rounds in internet just a month a before Rio Olympics kicked-off last week.

As the exact date of shooting this video cannot be ascertained, we do not argue that this may be the  exact condition of law and order in the streets of Brazil presently.

However, the video suggests that pickpocket are/were common in Rio.

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