Snapchat’s new stylish smart-glasses is a must have

Google Glass, was like a miniature computer attached to spectacle wasn’t it. Yea, it did look like a device from the future, but was hardly fashionable.

This is not the case with the new smart glasses by Snapchat parent company Snap is sleek, stylish and looks nothing like a computer.

7 Features about the device you must know

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Image Courtesy: Mashable

The sunglass can record 10 second snippets of video, with the press of a button. The camera shoot with 115-degree lens, which is claimed by the company to close a person’s field of vision.

Charger port on the glass is only revealed when it’s folded. The computer is the glass lies completely hidden otherwise,

The Cameras record circular video, to to create a playback experience that simulates a natural point of view. ‘When I got the footage back and watched it, I could see my own memory, through my own eyes — it was unbelievable,” said  CEO Evan Spiegel told WSJ.

Videos will automatically be saved to the memories feature of snapchat.

Image Courtesy: Youtube

The spectacles will be available in black, teal and coral colour variants and will be priced at $129 (approximately Rs. 8609.46).

The carry box it comes with also doubles as a charging station. When the glasses are folded and placed in the case, the charger ports connect to the case’s internal charger.

The carry box itself will need charging and the company claims that on full charge, the box will be able to last for four full charges of the glass. As for the glass, it is claimed to last the whole day on full charge.

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