SRK’s ‘Raees’ to show three phases of his life?

Image Credits : India Today

The latest Shah Rukh Khan film ‘Raees’ has been creating a buzz in the industry for its promotional train trip. One person was killed and two policemen were injured as crowd went berserk on the arrival of their favorite superstar. When the movie is all set to hit the silver screen tomorrow, few medias have come up with an allegedly leaked plot of the film.

Their source said, “When Shah Rukh Khan was going through the look test, he was given quite a few different outfits to wear. He liked all of them and suggested the makers to show three different yet flowing phases of Raees’ life, where he would wear different kinds of clothes. Everyone thought it was a brilliant idea and the story was molded into it. During the first phase, you will see Raees (essayed by SRK) being shown as a small town guy. He struggles a lot in the initial period, but remains determined to make it big. During this period he starts working for a smuggler. Raees’ job is to help smuggle liquor, store it in ware houses and then sell the stock illegally to local vendors. Though he is happy with what he is doing for a couple of years, he gets frustrated soon. A few incidents  and very less income changes his outlook and he decides to start his own business”

“The second phase sees him set up his own business of smuggling and hoarding liquor. The third phase sees the arrival of ACP Majmudar. The tough cop arrives to the city and vows to stop all the illegal activities and he gets right to it. He starts cracking down on the illegal alcohol trade and starts affecting Raees’ business”, the source added.

Well, let’s not steal the ‘Raees’ thunder now. Wait till 25th January and see the Rahul Dholakia-SRK magic happen.