Sunny Leone doesn’t want her life documentary to be released in India

Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone has found her feet in Bollywood, and she doesn’t want anything from her past to affect her current status in the industry. And it is because of the status she enjoys in India, that she doesn’t want her life’s documentary to be released in the country.

Mostly Sunny, directed by Dilip Mehta, shows the life of Sunny from the days when she was Karenjit Kaur Vohra to how she became Sunny Leone, one of the most popular adult movie stars in Los Angeles. The documentary shows snippets of her childhood in a conservative Sikh family, to how her career panned out, to eventually becoming a Bollywood actress.

In a media interaction recently, Sunny said how she hoped Mostly Sunny wouldn’t release in India as it was “less of a film on her life and more of somebody else’s opinion.” The Dilip Mehta film was premiered recently at the Toronto International Film Festival, which Sunny didn’t attend citing a family function. However, the director feels that the actress gave it a miss as she got cold feet and wanted some changes to be made in the documentary which were not done.

While Sunny has made it clear that she has nothing to do with the documentary which speaks of her life, only time will tell whether the Indian audience will get a chance to see it or not.

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