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Top 10 most popular YouTube videos of 2016

Image Courtesy: biggboss10

The year 2016 is almost coming to an end and what an year it’s been. From demonetization of Rs. 1000 to Rs. 500 notes to Donald Trump winning the elections. So what been going on in YouTube the Holy Grail internet. What are the videos that people have been tripping over this year?

James Corden’s carpool karaoke is extremely popularly and understandably the one with pop sensation Adele is the highest watched video of the year. But you won’t believe the next 4 videos are.

Standing in second spot is the wacky parody song Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen. The video where a man and a kid cut open a Rattlesnake’s Rattle is the third most watched video, followed by Nike commercial starring Cristiano Ronaldo and an audition from an episode of America’s Got Talent.

When a platform has more than a billion users with wide range of interests, which is what makes it such an unpredictable place.  Here is the list of Top 10 videos of 2016.

Adele Carpool Karaoke


What’s inside a Rattlesnake Rattle?

Nike Football Presents: The Switch ft. Cristiano Ronaldo, Harry Kane, Anthony Martial & More

Grace VanderWaal: 12-Year- Old Ukulele Player Gets Golden Buzzer – America’s Got Talent 2016

Water Bottle Flip Edition | Dude Perfect

Channing Tatum & Beyonce’s “Run The World (Girls)” vs. Jenna Dewan-Tatum’s “Pony” | Lip Sync Battle

Donald Trump: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)


10 Brothers Convince Little Sister of Zombie Apocalypse

Australia: A giant spider spotted carrying a sizable mouse up a fridge

Image Courtesy: Stuff

Australia is home to some of the most dangerous animals on the planet from deadly snakes  to this huntsman spider which is trying to eat a mouse.

In an incredible video, an unusually large and equally strong huntsman spider is seen carrying a  mouse up a fridge door. The footage was captured by Jason Wormal, a tradesman from Coppabella in Queensland.

Wormal was heading out to work on a Monday morning, when his neighbor asked him if he wanted to see something cool. Wormal immediately agreed and went to his neighbor’s house found the gigantic spider dragging its prey.

Owing to massive response the video received on Facebook, Womal decided to adopt the spider and name him Hermie.

“Ok guys so just letting you all know that the spider is fine. We have named him Hermie, we have adopted him and he is now running his own extermination business out of our town Coppabella. Oh and he is now paying rent. Lol,” he said.

Graham Millage, the manager of the Australian Museum’s archaeology collection, says that it is unusual, but unheard of, for spiders to catch small vertebrates.

“This is the first time I’ve seen one catch a mouse, but I have seen huntsmen catch geckos. I’ve seen a redback spider catch a snake in its web, I’ve seen a golden orb spiders catch birds,” he said to Guardian.

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China: A mysterious flying creature that looks like a dragon caught on tape

Image Courtesy: helenastales

The world is filled with so many myths and legends and one of the biggest ones are easily dragons. Did these fire breathing reptiles actually exist? The better question would be, do they still exist? There are many legends about the mythical creature and the fact that there are so many cultures across the world that document such a creature in their folklore does make one wonder if there is an element of truth to it.

Many believe dragons are actually highly evolved dinosaurs that had learnt to store and use flammable gases as tools to hunt prey. The theory is, they were wiped out by humans, as they were a big threat to livestock.However, what if they were not all extinct? What if they still exist?

The dragons have have been of great relevance in the Chinese culture and now a new video has surfaced, which claims to have captured a real flying dragon in China. The quality of the video is not exactly great, but could this be proof of the creature’s existence or is this just another  doctored video? Figure it out for yourself…     

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Comedian Abhijit talks about the advantages and disadvantages of having a cute girlfriend

Image Courtesy: justdial

When a girl is perceived as cute and she knows about it’s becomes a problem says this Stand Up Comedian Abijit Ganguly, in this hilarious video. Is this true,do you think, when a girl realises that she is cute the entire world becomes her oyster?

Well Abhijit explains how his  girlfriend is totally cute and that she is totally aware of it.  He hilariously explains his ordeal of not not knowing how to deal with it.

A surgeon and nurse caught dancing in the middle of a surgery

Image Courtesy: mirror

In a shocking video a plastic surgeon and a nurse were caught dancing in the middle of a surgery.

As absurd as it sounds, the two were reportedly listening to some pop music while performing the surgery. They suddenly put down their instruments and started dancing and laughing.

A few moments later, they continued with the surgery as though nothing had happened. Apparently the video was captured and leaked by a person who had enough of the surgeon “damaging women”. He claimed to have more such videos of the same doctor.

Bernardo Alejandro Guerra, a councillor in the city of Medellin in north-western Colombia released the video on social media and wants action to be taken on the two.

“This is a lack of ethics and respect for the patient and the profession,” said Guerra.

“The amazing thing is that the anaesthesiologist does not appear in the video. He is the one responsible for the sleeping of the patient and he allows them to dance in the room, without respecting the protocol,” he added.

Carmen Calderon, one of the female patients of the doctor, allegedly recognised him from the video. She had undergone a tummy tuck and a breast job, but the surgery went wrong after three days.

Calderon had allegedly tried to reach the surgeon for an emergency treatment after the mishap, but he did nothing for 20 days. She had reported him, but he reportedly refused to take any responsibility.

“He should pay for what he has done, as it is an abuse,” said Calderon.


Video: This man can predict your birthday just like that

Image Courtesy: penguinmagic

Thanks to Social media, we have lost the ability to memorize birthday dates of our friends. But, this guy does not need memorizing at all, he can just predict it. Rick Lax is a magician that can simply guess when your birthday is. It does not matter who you are, this guy will nail it with this video. Sort of!

This psychological trick will make you see the video over and over again, desperately trying to understand how is he doing that. You can watch the video below and you can follow him here.   


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YouTube’s Satya Raghavan says that the website does not censor videos

Image Courtesy: rhizome

World’s biggest video-sharing and streaming website YouTube said it doesn’t censor content uploaded on it, but instead relies on users flagging videos and then takes the appropriate action based on its strong community guidelines.

Recently, a French v-blogger – Laetitia Birbes claimed that Youtube had censor her video which contained an interview of European Commission head Jean-Claude Juncker.

Satya Raghavan, Head, Entertainment Content at YouTube India, was asked at a conference about how YouTube dealt with videos that could be create security issues and whether there were any plans on restricting them.

“We have very strong community guidelines. The way it works is that we rely on users flagging off content that is inappropriate and when that happens, that is when we review it. We see where it is against our community guidelines and then we take the right kind of action. That’s the chain,” Raghavan said.

“We don’t censor anything. What we do is we rely on the wisdom of the masses to flag-off things. We are a truly democratic platform,” he said.

Raghavan said YouTube doesn’t demonetize videos that have controversial topics.

“No. What we have realized is there are some videos that we think are not fit for advertisers. So those videos we definitely turn off at times. The website also takes into consideration requests from local governments,” he said.

“There are a lot of places where the law of the land is important. And that’s where we work with local governments where there are specific requests. Obviously we obey that,” added Raghavan.

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Argentinian woman strips naked on streets to win back her boyfriend

Image Courtesy: Indian Express

Movie versions of romance are so far from reality. For instance, in movies it is apparently very romantic for heroes to follow actress everywhere until they get the Dame. In real life that would just be considered stalking and will earn you the title of a creep. Then there are those instances where the protagonists in a moment of epiphany fly to other countries to win back the love of their lives.

Most of the extreme romantic gestures shown in movies don’t work in real life. This incident in Argentina is a fine example of that. A 27-year-old woman decided to strip down naked in public to win back the heart of her boyfriend.

Maria Ester Rotela staged her naked protest in Eldorado, Argentina to gain the attention of her boyfriend Fabian Sosa.Well, the only attention she got was of the public. Reportedly, the woman was aware that she was being filmed but was unwilling to stop the protest.

After all the attention she received, the police covered her in a blanket and took her to the hospital. Her boyfriend Fabian Sosa was nowhere to be found and looks like this grand gesture of declaring her love just went to waste.  

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Vir Das’s new song is for all Indian men accused of being terrible dancers

Image Courtesy: indiatoday

Not all of us can move our bodies in perfect rhythm to a beat, but that should never stop you from hitting the dance floor. Of course, people might frown upon you in absolute disapproval, but there’s only one person’s opinion that counts and that is of Vir Das.  

The popular comedian has come up with a new music video which will instill confidence in the minds of every Indian man who has been ridiculed for being a bad dancer. In fact this could be you new motivation song that you play while you talk to yourself in the mirror.

Called as Nacho, this is a track that is clearly not meant for all the single ladies. The Go Goa Gone actor goes as far as to call it the new Indian #MANthem.

The rocking new track has been performed by Indian band Alien Chutney and it makes embarrassing dance moves look cool.  

Video: A dog that was feared dead is reunited with her family after 10 days

Image Courtesy: Youtube

Dave Kareken and family, along with their dog Kali had come to a waterfall. As the family were checking out the view, the dog accidentally fell into the river.

Kareken jumped into the rapids after her, but the water currents were too strong that Kali was swept away. The family searched for days with no luck. They felt like they had lost a family member.

Just when they thought all hope was lost, something amazing happened. Kali had managed to survived in the forest for ten days before showing up at a campsite where she was picked up and taken back to her owners.

The video shows the emotional moment when Kali is reunited with her family.

Video: What’s really going on in your head on your first day at work? We mean REALLY!

The first day of a new job can be quite a strange experience. You are trying really hard to a keep check on your first day jitters, while you simultaneously scan the entire office, trying to analyse everyone and everything. Your thoughts are all over the place, some so wild that if a HR had the superpower of hearing your thoughts, you would probably be fired immediately or worse case scenario – be belted black and blue.

This is especially true for men, whose number one priority when it comes starting the first day is — “Where are all the chicks”? Work is absolutely the last thing on their minds.

A swiss adventurer died while broadcasting his stunt live on Facebook

Image Courtesy: dailymail

An Italian wingsuit pilot plummeted to his death in the Alps, while he was while he was broadcasting his daring jump live on Facebook.

28-year-old Armin Schmieder told his fans,  ‘today you fly with me’, before jumping from a mountain top near Kandersteg in Switzerland. The video started with Schmieder readying his wingsuit before taking off. After a few moments, Followers who were watching the broadcast heard a shout and the sound of impacts. What should have been breathtaking stunt had sadly come to a tragic end.

According to dailymail, Bern cantonal police said the body of a 28-year-old Italian citizen was recovered near Kandersteg, a popular BASE jumping location. However, they have not confirmed the man’s identity.

Armin was an experienced skydiver, but had only used the wingsuit for an year.

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