Take a look at Apple’s new headquarters, it looks like a spaceship

Image Courtesy: kurzweilai

Apple’s new headquarters in California is nearing completion and looks like it can take off to space.

Mathew Roberts, a documentary filmmaker has been monitoring the progress of the building with his drone and it looks spectacular. As he us on tour around the building, the video shows solar panels being installed on the structure.

These panels which will the entire roof of the building be the key source of energy, contributing to 75% of total power consumption. Mathew says that 40% of installation is already complete.  

The massive building was designed by British firm Foster + partners. In an interview with Architectural Record, Norman Foster the founder of Foster + partners said that idea for the unique design was inspired by London square, where houses surround a park..  

The new headquarters was Steve Job’s last gift to Apple and it is reported that he wanted the entire building to be smooth, with every wall, floor and even ceiling have ultra-polished surface, just like Apple’s products. The company’s employees are expected to move into the mega-office by early 2017.