Tamil Nadu: A 23 year old commits suicide in a protest against use of plastic

Image Courtesy: thelogicalindian

A 23-year-old boy Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu committed suicide on Monday, in an ultimate sacrifice to seek a ban on plastic.

K Jawahar took his own life by jumping into a canal and the reason for this came to light on Wednesday, when his father found a video clip on the boy’s mobile phone, which he had recorded himself.

Jawahar was extremely passionate about the environment and always tried to come up with  ways to protect it. He was very concerned about the extensive and cumulative damage to the ecosystem being caused by plastic and other pollutants. The logical Indian reports that Jawahar staged demonstrations and protests in Thanjavur, appealing to locals and visitors to stop using plastic.

On Monday (OCT 17) the boy went missing and his father who works as a security guard at a private college, was not able to find him anywhere. The grave news came to him, when some people from the neighbourhood told him that his son had jumped into the river. Jawahar’s body was recovered by the fire department and was sent to post mortem, before being cremated on Wednesday.

“I have decided to end my life to demand implementation of a ban on plastics and to safeguard nature. There is nothing wrong in sacrificing my life for the benefit of the 127-crore population of India. No one is behind my decision. No one should lead a life against the will of nature. But human beings are plundering natural resources. I cannot be a mute spectator,” said Jawahar in the video clip that was recovered from his cell phone.

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