The Royal Enfield Story: 114 years and still thumping  


What makes a man a rider? Is it the machine, the gear or the passion? Well, ask someone who is owned by a Royal Enfield and he’ll say it’s all about the thump. That distinct sound of a Royal Enfield that draws a line between the boys and the men, the sound that has built a legacy out of a machine.

In 1955, Enfield Cycles came to India in collaboration with Madras Motors, that’s how Enfield of India was formed. Initially only an assembly plant, Enfield of India got parts from England and put them together here. 1962 marked the first completely made Indian Royal Enfield Motor cycle. For those of you who are owned by a 1962 Royal Enfield, consider yourselves chosen.

The Enfield Cycle Company eventually dissolved in 1971 leaving Enfield of India to continue its legacy and journey into the future. Ever since then, Royal Enfield Motor Cycles have been thumping on Indian roads with all the history behind it and all the glory ahead of it.

Of course there are the Harley Davidsons and Triumphs now in available in India, but every person who is owned by a Royal Enfield will know what the perfect blend between man and machine is.


1) In 1984, ‘Enfield of India’ began exporting their own Enfield Bullet Motorcycles back to the UK!
2) Royal Enfield is the oldest motor cycle company in the world still in production with a single model, the Bullet, its longest production run model.
3) The Royal Enfield in the movie Sholay had a side car, these side cars were actually designed to mount machine guns during World War II.
4) Royal Enfield India exports motorcycles to 42 countries worldwide.
5) In 1990, Royal Enfield produced a diesel variant called the Taurus, it turned out to be a failure in the Indian markets.

Take a look at these videos that explain the history of the Royal Enfield:

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