These stories about aliens will send jitters down your spine!

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There have been numerous first hand accounts and testimonies of numerous UFO and extra-terrestrial sightings on Earth.

While our expertise in physical sciences reiterate that we may take many more centuries to establish contact with other life forms out in the universe, there are unconfirmed accounts or rather intriguing myths about the motives of alien races which are said to frequent our planet, the pale blue dot in the space.

We present some of those interesting stories which bid to narrate the motives of these so called alien species which otherwise are rubbished by our scientific enterprises.

These myths claim that six superior alien races have been pulling strings from time immemorial to establish their dominance over earth’s resources and life.

1. The Sirians

Hailing from the Sirius B star system, the Sirians are as advanced as they are ancient. Throughout history, they are said to have imparted their knowledge to human civilizations of their choosing.

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Apparently, they gifted the ancient Egyptians with medical and astronomical information and the great pyramids and temples are said to have been built with their help.

The erstwhile South-American civilization of Mayans were also said to have had a special relationship with the Sirians.

These extraterrestrial originating from Sirius B are believed to have played a crucial role in the disappearance of the Maya. However, it is considered that they also played a pivotal roles in ensuring that they left behind artifacts such as the crystal skulls.

On close heels, another Earthly civilization which was influenced by the Sirians were the Atlanteans. It is believed that during the cataclysmic event that sunk Atlantis, the Sirians were instrumental in leading the rescue operations.

Though more accounts of the Sirian are related to Earth’s long lost past, it is claimed that they are now indulged in technology exchange programs in the current era.

2. The Short Grays

Also known as the Zeta Reticulans, the Grays are some of the most well-known aliens and commonly depicted throughout alien pop culture. They are the authors of most alien abductions.

According to most descriptions, they stand 3 to 5 feet tall, have bulbous heads and over-sized black eyes. Although they possess a mouth, they seldom speak, as they are said to be born telepaths.

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On the other hand the short Grays are said to be a genetically-engineered worker race which are controlled by their superiors – the Tall Grays.

Being genetically-designed to carried out scientific missions of the superior Tall Grays, stories claim that the short Grays are emotionless and cruel. Apparently, they are also responsible for creating a human-gray hybrid race.

3. The Tall Grays

Standing 7 to 8 feet tall, the Gray Masters are called to be “the ambassadors of most meetings between human and alien forces.”

According to popular myths they originate from a star system in the Orion constellation.

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Image courtesy: locklip

As per the stories, ‘Tall Grays’ supervises abductions and human experiments but are seldom present during these events. They prefer to employ the services of their slaves – the Short Grays.

And they are keen on developing a stable human-gray hybrid race, which they thinks are worthy of inheriting Earth.

What’s more terrifying about them is that they as a self-centered race, place little value on human life. They consider us their property.

4. The Alpha Draconians

Surprisingly the origin of the cruel these class of aliens are not known. However, rumors claim that they infiltrated Earth many thousands of years ago!

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Stories say that they are intelligent reptilian life forms which are 14 to 22 feet tall. Some stories even claim that they have wings. In the account of Alex Collier who has claimed to have contacted intelligent life in neighboring galaxy Andromeda, the Alpha Draconians are “the force behind the repression of human populations everywhere in this galaxy, instilling fear-based belief systems and restrictive hierarchies”

5. The Native Reptilians

It is believed that these reptilians are said to be natives of Earth. However it is claimed that these species were originally left behind by the Alpha-Draconians to colonize Earth.

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6. The Anunnaki

An elite race of beings that originated in another galaxy they called Illyuwn. Apparently their home world was a planet called Rizq. When Rizq was destroyed, they built an intergalactic vessel they named Nibiru.

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Before heading to Earth, the Anunnaki colonized the planets in the Orion star system. They arrived on Earth almost a million years ago, in search of gold and other valuable minerals that were scarce in the universe, but abundant here.

In need of a workforce, they are said to have created mankind. Through genetic manipulation and in vitro fertilization, they upgraded the genus Homo to sapiens quality.

Present on Earth since our inception, the Anunnaki have influenced every aspect of human life. We’ve inherited their patriarchal culture of violence and vengeance, it’s in our engineered DNA

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