Things you’ll hear only in Chennai

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So, on Independence Day we celebrated freedom and our unity in diversity. But you’ve got to agree it’s our diversity that makes us what we are – from food to fashion and phrases we use. Here are things only Chennaiites say.

Peter Pesran: Refers to someone speaking or attempting to speak in English. A vernacular put down of attempted snobbery.

Kadala Podurathu: Flirting with a girl. It literary means dropping channa. What the connection with wooing a girl is, only Chennaiites know.

Super figure: Used when refers to a hot girl/ babe. Usually accompanied by thumb-to-forefinger gesture which means ‘Super’.

Major Sundar: In common lingo it refers to a person who’s very formal and totally ‘60s. Comes from Major Sundarrajan, the yesteryear actor.

Aapu Vachukiradhu: Aapu is, literally, a wooden wedge. Aapu vachukiradhu is to invite trouble and get yourself into a mess. Made famous by Vadivelu who said ‘ Maapu, vachittandanda aapu.’

Bulb Vaangurathu: Literally, getting a bulb. Means to be left red-faced or embarrassed.