This Moroccan teen tried to smuggle herself into Spain in a suitcase

Image Courtesy: Metro

This 19-year-old girl from Morocco stuffed herself into a suitcase in an desperate attempt to enter spain. She was found and arrested by the the border police at Ceuta, a Spanish city that shares its western border with Morocco.

The incident occurred around the time when over a thousand immigrants tried to illegally enter Spanish territory, just hours into 2017. Their attempts to enter failed as they were intercepted by the border police.

Two migrants who got injured while trying to scale the 20ft border fence were admitted to the hospital, while the rest was sent right back to Morocco.

This is not an isolated incident thousands of migrants try to enter Ceuta and Melilla, Spain’s North African enclaves in hopes of getting to Europe. Reportedly, more than 400 migrants breached the the fence at Ceuta in December.