This 3-min video of a 6-month backpacking trip across India will make you want to follow suit asap!

Set to the rousing tune of Run Boy Run by Woodkid, My Indian Adventure gives you the goose bumps as the camera moves from the verdant slopes of Munnar to the mighty Thar to the hanging tree bridges of Cherrapunji to the snowy hills of Kashmir.

Bangalore-born Simon R Samuel created this video to document his six-month-long backpacking trip across India from December 2014 to May 2015. He took up part-time jobs while pursuing his Master’s degree in film-making in the UK to fund his dream trip and to buy camera equipment to document it. Once he completed his Masters, he quit all his jobs, took all the money he had saved, and proceeded to travel the length and breadth of India, starting from the south.

Have you started saving up for your dream trip yet?

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