This has to be the tiniest gaming device ever

Image Courtesy: hackaday

It was 1989 when Nintendo brought to the world the game boy, the first ever handheld gaming device. Over the years, different and more advanced versions like the Game Boy Pocket, Game boy advance and Game Boy Micro were released. As a pattern, their sizes also began to decrease, but Nintendo has now lost the race in terms of form factor.  Hacker Sprite_TM  unveiled their own Game Boy and it is of the size of a key chain.

Engineer and hacker  Jeroen Domburg, who goes by the name Sprite_TM always always wanted to posses a more portable version of the device. As a kid he bought a key chain version of the Game Boy, but unfortunately it just turned out to be a clock that looked like it. Decades later, he just built his childhood dream himself.

While the original Game Boy has a resolution of 160×144, The one Sprite_TM built has a 96×64 color OLED display. It runs on an ESP-32 chip and a 150 mAh lithium-ion battery.

The chipset is quite powerful with dual-core 240 MHz capability, 512k RAM with even Wi-Fi and bluetooth capability. To make it more fancy, It also has in-built speakers, but where it falls little short is – it has no mass memory to store games. You will instead have to use its WI-Fi capability to load games individually. It doesn’t just run Game Boy games but even Doom.