This Indian teenager built his own car by watching videos on YouTube

Image Courtesy: Youtube

There are a plethora of  DIY videos, showcasing people coming with innovative solutions and inventions. From making a cardboard speakers to designing your own self-defence weapons, there are endless number of videos about how these can be done using simple supplies you can get in stores.

Inspired by these videos, this guy built himself car, using the knowledge he had gathered online. This is a perfect example how internet can be your greatest teacher.

A video uploaded by VideoVolunteers, it showcases how Prem Thakur, a 19-year-old son of an Autorickshaw driver, was able to build his own car in just 4 months. It’s funny how many of us find it so challenging to even buy a new car, while this guy simply goes ahead and builds one for himself. What makes this even more remarkable is, he learnt how to make the machine through Youtube videos.

The vehicle does not even look like an experiment, instead reminds you of buggy built for racing.

“My father got me a computer when I was 12. Since then I have used the internet to learn all sorts of things, including a Buggy Car,” said Prem, who is a resident of Kharghar, a suburb in Navi Mumbai.