This lady’s innovative idea will make every woman feel loved, cared for and pampered during menstruation

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“It is hard to be a woman. You must think like a man, act like a lady, look like a young girl and work like a horse.” 

And how true!

Being a woman in today’s fast-paced world is no piece of cake. Juggling between work, home and family takes a toll on her, and over a period of time she compromises on her own needs and desires. Even during that time of the month, when all she craves for is love, attention and care, she’s expected to continue being a super woman.

Like any other woman, Rashi Bajaj, an Delhi-based entrepreneur, too felt the pressure of managing life between the boardroom, her home and her child. So much so that, she would even forget her periods were due!

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Taking a leaf out this real life situation, Rashi decided to address the issue through Being Juliet – a company that provides a monthly box comprising of customized array of sanitary supplies coupled with unique thoughtful gifts.

Rashi’s motive: To make every woman feel wanted, cared for and loved during her painful days of the month.

Folomojo spoke to Rashi Bajaj and here’s her Being Juliet story.

Where it all began

“I barely find time for myself. And 90% of the time when I’m due for my menstrual cycle, I am not prepared with the necessary supplies. I tried keeping a reminder, but that obviously didn’t work. Also I noticed that women get so involved in their daily routine that they forget to pamper themselves and avail the smaller pleasures of life, especially during her periods,” says Rashi.

In a country like India, where talking about periods openly is still considered taboo, Rashi was setting foot on a slippery slope. However, she stood firm on her idea of pampering women during their periods by sending them a hamper packed with goodies, including sanitary supplies, five days before their due.

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How does it work

Being Juliet follows a subscription model. Rashi and her team allow you to customize your supply as per your need.

She says, “Pick your brand. Pick your personal combination of XL Pads, Regular Pads, Tampons & Panty Liners. Tell us your Last Menstrual Period date. We will make sure it reaches you before you need it. What´s more, we also serenade our ‘Juliets’ with thoughtful surprise goodies.”

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“A woman can subscribe to 3 Months (Rs.1650) , 6 Months (Rs. 3300) or a full 1 Years’ (Rs. 6600) inclusive of 12.5% VAT package for complete peace of mind and we’ll take care of the rest,” adds Rashi.

If not for yourself, you can also gift a subscription. Rashi says, “We offer an exciting option where by gifting a subscription you make your wives or girlfriends’ day and lift their mood not once, but every month for 3 months or 6 months or even a year.”

Are you listening, boys?

Being Juliet’s biggest challenge

Adding more women to subscribe to their monthly ‘box of comfort’ is one of Rashi’s biggest challenges.

“Getting the message across is one of the biggest obstacles I face. I am trying hard to spread the word and want women to know that they too have the right to feel special,” says Rashi.

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Rashi, however, believes that her pricing is not something that will stop women from indulging in a little bit of love and comfort.

She says, “In a 3 month subscription you pay Rs. 550 per month, but you end up getting goodies worth Rs. 1,000. To be honest, it’s really not about the money, but about just pampering women when they are going through that painful PMS phase. I’m sure there are a lot of women who wouldn’t mind that extra bit of love, care and attention during their periods and we also provide a small element of surprise.”

What her clientele has to say

Drawing inspiration from the positive feedback she’s received so far, Rashi believes that Being Juliet, which now has about 250 subscribers, is here to stay.

“I want more and more women to feel pampered and the best motivation for me comes from those whose lives we’ve touched so far with Being Juliet. Sometimes the kind of feedback we receive is so touching and overwhelming that I wish I could just give all those women a warm hug, ” says Rashi.

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Rashi’s message to Folomojo readers

“None of us have time. Pamper yourself and keep yourself happy or else you’ll burn out too soon.”

So, all you lovely women out there, do you want to know what it feels like ‘Being Juliet’?