This music made especially for cats can help them lead better lives

Image Courtesy: themusic

Are you the proud owner of a cat? Would you do anything to make your pet a more comfortable? David Teie, a soloist with the National Symphony Orchestra, has developed music just for cats. He has partnered with animal scientists to create an album, which is a compilation of songs that is scientifically proven to enrich a cat’s life  

Music for Cats was born out of David Teie’s scientific theory on the fundamental nature of music appreciation by mammals. He says that cats establish their sense of music through the sounds heard after they’re born. Sounds such as Bird’s chirping, suckling for milk, or their mother’s purr, are something that register in them. However, they are unable to relate to the kind of music we as humans listen to.

Teie incorporated these feline centric sounds to design species-specific soundtracks. Reportedly, researchers at the University of Wisconsin conducted a study to see whether music had an effect and found that that it cats show significant interest towards the species-appropriate music.

Teie says that music is particularly more effective with cats who have had a hard life.

Here is the surprising part, he does not own a cat himself because he is allergic to cats.

The project was successfully funded for via kickstarter crowd-sourcing platform.

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